Monday, December 05, 2005

Inside the Diamond

This rather blurry picture is of us waiting for training to begin at Diamond Center. A shame I jolted the camera at the last second. Note the queasy color of the walls -- that was actually the color. It was a sort of aquamarine or turquoise, but in the poor fluorescent lighting it gained an unfortunate tone. We sat in a horseshoe-shape on those flimsy plastic chairs (I preferred to use two, because I'm not a light guy), and our assortment of speakers stood just to the right of where I shot this picture. The bag in the lower left was mine. Inside it was hot and muggy, just like outside, only worse. Occasionally a warm breeze would come through the iron bars on the windows. During rain storms, all the hot air would be sucked outside and the place would actually turn blessedly cold for about half an hour. On the left hand side you can see our water jug, and beyond that was a tiny shack shop run by an Indo-Guyanese woman and her daughter, who kindly provided junk food for our rumbling bellies for a small fee.

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