Monday, December 05, 2005

Dunk Driving

Okay, this shot really should have come before the previous three. It was taken on our way out to St. Cuthbert's. The road out there was long and arduous, a tortured dirt track that was pitted and rutted. And it was a loooong road, too -- 15 miles or so, by my best estimate. And much of it was sunken beneath these vast puddles of water (ponds, really) that threatened to devour our CD, Kumar, who was driving in the Peace Corps Land Rover just behind our huge truck. I got some great shots of the Land Rover plunging into one of these cocoa-colored lakes, and I even got some video. His truck foundered in some puddles I thought for sure would stop it cold, with the water brimming up near the side windows, but the snorkel kept the engine dry, and up it would rise to doggedly race right back behind us. But when it was all finished, that thing needed a serious car wash.

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