Monday, December 05, 2005

Dying at Diamond

Even though this picture is labeled "Lunchtime," a closer look made me realize this picture was actually taken in the morning after arriving for our training. A typical day, we had just arrived at Diamond Center, a community center in a town south of Georgetown, for our daily six-hour dose of training. Even though it was about 8:30 am when this picture was taken, everyone was already sweating buckets. The sun is already sweaty-hot and intense just after dawn that close to the equator. We often would take our lunch on this same set of bleachers because at least we got some breeze that way. This photo was shot at the base of the bleachers on the north end of a cricket field. Since it was the rainy season, everything was soaking wet, and I had to wade through inches of water to get to this spot. Thank goodness for sandals.

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