Monday, December 12, 2005

Crossing the Rubicon

Well, okay, we're actually crossing the Essequibo. But the Rubicon made a better title. Anyway, you can see a bunch of us volunteers here enjoying a jarring, windy speed boat trip across the Essequibo river on our way to our Volunteer Visits (during Training). I had a blast on this trip, because the boats rip past some very dense jungle embankments with creepy little waterways receding back into the undergrowth like bayous. The wooden boat made a knocking sound every time it ramped up a wave and slapped its underside in the trough. Fortunately, the waves weren't very heavy that day, and it was a pleasant trip. The ride back was a bit rainy and choppy, and we spent a good portion of that ride ducked under rubber mats to keep out of the pelting rain.

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