Monday, December 05, 2005

The Black Lagoon

I seem to have all these darn pictures backward. Here is us at Kurukururu going for a dip in the black water lagoon there. This actually happened before the St. Cuthbert's trip, by about a week or two. It was our first time in such water. I wish this picture did it justice. But you can definitely see how wild and wooly the surroundings were. That lagoon branched off in two directions into long, narrow hollows overhung with jungle trees, cool and very dark water channels with mucky bottoms and a froth of duckweed floating on top. Every stick was a piranha. Every froggy splash was an approaching alligator. I loved it! Almost all of us went back there, most in a long boat they found, and a few more adventurous souls (myself included) down in the creepy dark water.

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