Wednesday, December 14, 2005

General Hospital

One of the most imposing, creepy, and yet amazing and beautiful structures I ever saw in Guyana was the Old Hospital in New Amsterdam. It's no longer in use, having been replaced by a new-fangled hospital just north of town that was built with the help of a Japanese firm. But this was the only hospital in the entire region up until early last year. As you can see, it's a huge building, with two 3-story wings that housed men in the east (closest) wing and women in the wing. The first photo shows it in its entirety during the day, as the crumbling, peeling monster it is. This shot was taken on Diwali as I roamed around the town with my camera. On that day I talked a guard into letting me in, and I got lots of amazing pictures of the eerie, decaying interior. It looked like the set of a horror movie, or like the hospital from the Playstation game Silent Hill. Some day in the future I'll try to upload some interior photos (I don't have any today).

The other shot is, of course, the old hospital at night on 15-second exposure, with a red streak from a passing car's rear lights. It was taken on the same night as the moonlight one. Every time I looked at it I thought, "This would make the coolest haunted house attraction for Halloween, EVER."

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