Monday, September 05, 2005

Things I Love About Guyana

• Plantain chips
• Dancing the "chaka chaka" with my hosts in New Amsterdam
• The sound of heavy rain on a tin roof
• Taking a cool shower in the afternoon
• Banana-flavored I-Cee (a local soda pop)
• Very fresh pineapple ("pine"), though it reminds me of Hawai`i a lot
• The huge "crapaud" toads that come out at night, some the size of kittens
• Roti with just about anything, but particularly soy chunks in curry
• Soy chunks in curry
• Buying apple bananas at the market
• Reading in a hammock
• Astonishing locals with my knowledge of Caribbean music
• Watching two geckos fight on the wall above my bed
• Bowling three strikes in a row in cricket
• Riding in speedboats
• Hearing reggae songs I know playing in some house down the block
• Seeing scores of fireflies glowing under the full moon
• Guyanese women
• Palm trees against a blue sky
• Realizing, moments after experiencing one of the above, that I live in a Caribbean country in South America

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