Monday, September 12, 2005

The Dust, Having Been Bit...

In follow-up to this post:

I had one of the best birthdays I've had in years. As I had mentioned, there was a conference in town for a previous Guyana PCV group -- the one that came in February before us. On Tuesday night we had a get-together, then nothing on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday night they told me there would be a small gathering at the hotel. At first I wasn't going to go, but finally I called a local PCV and told him I was on the way. When I arrived, there were about 12 people sitting around a large table in the hotel's bar. Everyone burst into the Happy Birthday song and presented me with a gift of cologne and an overnight toiletries bag. We proceeded from then to host a rousing drinking game and have an evening of fun and spirits.

The hotel is very nice and is brand-new. In fact, this conference marked the first guests to ever stay at the hotel, or at least the new one (it is a new building for an older hotel across town). It is clean, fresh, carpeted, and air-conditioned. The bathrooms are gleaming white tile and shine with newness. No expense was spared to bring in quality fixtures, bedding, lighting, and carpets. Not to say it is a Ritz-Carlton or something, and there is even a nicer hotel in Guyana, but it is far better than the one I stayed at during Orientation. Plus, it had that perennially-favorite tropical hotel decor: rattan furniture, khaki and floral color scheme, slowly-rotating ceiling fans, potted tropical plants. It was heaven. All it needed was a patio onto a jungle or wave-lined beach.

By midnight things died down and I made my way home. On the way I bumped into a local friend of mine who serves as a night watch/security guard for a store, so I sat with him in the dark New Amsterdam street until 3 in the morning gaffing about life, women, and New Orleans, until my buzz wore off and I simply got sleepy.

I can't recall a better birthday party in years.

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