Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon

I had hoped the recent election could go off without a scandal or violence, but it seems I was wrong:

This was taken from another messageboard for those who are interested...

Posted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 9:15 am Post subject: Reply with quote

On saturday 17th of Sept. was a day in my life I would never forget, since it was my first experience at the Miss World Guyana Pageant, the evening ensamble was very elegant and classy, you were entertained by one of the steel pan orchestra that brought class and glamour to a show then there was dinner a show that was doubt to start at 7 pm. After dinner the steel pan music resume playing for nothing short than 2 hrs, then there was a voice, ladies & gentlement the show will begin in no less than 2 mins. about 5 mins. latter the playing of the national anthem then started, every arouse to the anthem, then took there seats, then there was a slight delay of 2 mins. then way was given to 9 beauties, namely Ulex Atwell, Dacia Blackmore, Latoya Bailey, Makieda Franklin, Jasmine Herzog, Genesta David, Meleesa Payne, Rene Chester & Carlotta Primo excuted there intro. segment which was excellent, then there was the suimsuit segment a segment with must anticipation, well after the intro segment I said to my Boyfriend that I really am here to see what Ms. Atwell is made off after all those pageants, note I am not a supporter of the young lady. then a song or two by slingshot then the evening gown competition, but before after the swimsuit segment i made a selection of 5 girls, namely Dacia, Makieda, Ulex, Maleesa & Carlotta-swimsuit girls. after the evening gown, the gowns that were outstanding was atwell, payne, herzog, franklin & blackmore, and i was correct, the next leg of competition was the selection of the final 5, which was exact as the ones in the evening gown, then the competition got even more interesting when girls were ask to select a question and then answer it was atwell first who did an excellent job at nailing the answer, then the others then herzog who ramble with the answer then misunderstood the question then closed however, i then said to my boyfriend that well finally ms atwell won a ms guyana pageant, this was my setting of placement, queen atwell 1st runner up ms Blackmore, 2nd runner up Ms Herzog, then ms franklin & ms payne. but when you have a panel of mostly unqualified people you a disaster decision, at that time I was thrown into shock at the fact the herzog never had won that pageant over ms atwell a young lady i never supported but i sat and see her compete fersly and was discrimated against because of the color of her skin toned, i then got up and when back stage to give her a bracelet compliments of our jewellery establishment and to congratulate her, because before i when to the show i decided to take a bracelet and was to be giving to the winner, i sat there and saw ms atwell got cheated out of the spot as queen, she was very grateful for the prize, but to top it off it was what i heard while i was back stage, i was standing behind a door in the dressing room, ms atwell was outside of the door, when ms herzog walk in with the artistic director, and believing to herself that the coasst was clear then she blurted out thank derek for the promise well keep, after hearing that i step out of the spot that i was in and look at derek in awe, he then said to her what are u talking about in shame. I JUST FELT SO DEPRESS AND PROMISE NEVER TO GO TO ANOTHER PAGEANT. ON THIS NOTE I WANT TO EXPRESS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TRUE QUEEN Miss Ulex Atwell ON A JOB WELL DONE, NOBODY COULD SAY DIFFERENT, PERSONS LEFT THE PEGASUS ARGUING AT THE FACT THAT MONEY WAS SPENT AND THE RIGHT GIRL WAS CHEATED, I WANT TO SAY TO KEN CHUNG YOU WOULD NEVER AGAIN BE SUPPORTED BY MY ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN. MY CONDOLENCES TO MISS ATWELL AND I HOPE THAT THE RED QUEEN HAVE HER STOMACH AREA CHECK OUT FOR AN UNBORN CHILD.

(Courtesy of http://hitsandjams.com/phpBB2/index.php)


Catt said...

Oh man, Bri! That makes the joke so much funnier! Too much!!

Dan Sawran said...

Hi Brian,
I just wanted to write to say hey. I left Guy 16 more than 2 months ago but I still feel a kinship with the remaining 19 members. I just wanted to tell you to keep the updates coming as I love to read them. Good luck to you Brian!

Brian Reeves said...

Hey Dan -

Nice to see you're checking us out. We're meeting this coming week for an all-Volunteer conference. I'll tip a 40 for you. Seriously, though, we miss you and hope things are going well for you.