Wednesday, May 25, 2005

One Week and Counting

After the heavy post I wrote before this, I thought I'd leave you all with something lighter. Before I go to bed tonight I thought I'd just freak out a little over the fact that I leave for Guyana in one week!

A few months from now, this moment will seem so quaint, and this little ol' me sitting here at my mother's computer in West Texas will seem so naive. But right now, I'm just anxious and excited. I'm already there, so to speak.

The Country Desk Officer for South America sent out an e-mail a couple days ago asking who would like to hear from other Guyana Invitees before we leave. I put my e-mail on that list, and tonight I've received a bunch of e-mails from about 10 people who will be in my training group. It's wonderful to be able to get a "sneak peek," so to speak. It's quite a diverse crowd, but we all have one thing in common: we're going to Guyana together in one week. We might all be scattered across the country, but each of us is going through the same thing.

Kick ass!



t_camuti said...

I hope to read the continuing accounts once you're in Guyana! said...

Brian, that last "heavy" post is flat-out magnificent writing. Not a word out of place, not a single extraneous sentence, tension maintained clean through. And the fact that it's a blog post suggests that it's also a first draft, which means you wrote that beautifully by sheer instinct. If you don't write a book while you're in Guyana I'm going to personally fly there and kick your ass.

Fondly, Dave

P.S. The place has gone to hell since you left, but today's a cleaning day. I'll call later.

Brian Reeves said...

Thanks, Dave. I'm glad I got across some of that experience. You heard me talk about lots of stuff before, that time period included, so it must have been particularly interesting to read. Anyway, I definitely plan to start writing, perhaps using some of the posts I've put up here as guides... Kind of like what Wil Wheaton did when he culled his best blog posts and made _Dancing Barefoot_.

Tim: I'll certainly be writing down there, and I'll still aim to post as frequently as possible, every week or so at most. I'm enjoying this blogging thing, and even though procrastination or lack of time keeps me from posting as much as I'd like, pretty much everything of any importance gets put here. And lots of great writing material are coming in less than a week...

Anonymous said...

Wow, one week!
Congratulations. This is such an exciting time.
I remember the emotional roller coaster I was on one week before I left. It was intense. And it won’t be any less intense for a good long while. Several months anyway.
Good luck, and may this experience be everything you hope will be.

Jeff Shifflett said...

Hey Brian, Good luck in Guyana. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that will give you moments of inspiration for a life time. I still remember the last day of class when you were trying to take a picture of our class and the bell rang. That was hilarious. Anyways, I wanted to let you know that in all my years in high school at NFC, I learned the most and enjoyed the discussions from ENC 1101 and 1102. May God bless you as you help others!!!