Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Damn Shame

I received word a few days ago that one of the PCVs I know in Guyana (whom I met through this blog -- yes! validation!) has decided to ET. I can't and won't go into all the details, out of respect to her and her family, but she felt she needed to leave because of problems with a local Guyanese person.

I was strangely saddened when I heard this news, perhaps because I wanted her to be able to find inner strength to overcome this obstacle. Perhaps it is because being in a new and scary environment can be hard and I was looking forward to knowing someone before I even arrived. Perhaps it was because when someone ETs it makes it that much easier for others to. And I can't help but be nervous about my staying power -- after all, I only have the one sample to go from, and it didn't speak well for me.

Whatever the reason, I want to just say to her family that I'm very sad this happened and that she felt she needed to remove herself from the situation for it to be resolved. I will sorely miss her when I arrive in country. May she have an easy transition back to the states. Maybe she'll consider a new assignment and a new country with Peace Corps after a short break. It's possible. But outside of that, I hope she can find something exciting and interesting to do and have fun doing that. Thanks for all the great e-mails and information you've shared -- it has been invaluable to me. I'll think of you when I arrive in G'town.


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