Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On My Own

At long last I have my own place. Yes, I no longer live in my three-month homestay, and have my own apartment in New Amsterdam. Naturally, I can't give many details about it, but I plan to write extensively what I can about the place as soon as possible.

I've been away from internet access for a couple weeks, victim of random internet outages and other coincidences, but boy do I have some stories for everyone. One involves a concert I went to a couple weekends ago which nearly resulted in my immediate removal from Peace Corps. The second involves finally seeing someone's true colors, all during an explosive weekend town carnival. The third involves walking through the ninth bloody circle of hell, metaphorically speaking, to get this apartment.

But all of that will have to wait for later. I should have more regular internet access in the next week or so and finally some journaling I've done on my computer can be put onto this site. Stay tuned.

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