Thursday, July 07, 2005

Even Old New York Was Once New Amsterdam

I'll be spending the next seven days in New Amsterdam visiting my site-to-be and my counterpart-to-be, so there will probably not be any new posts until after that time. If I have internet access that may turn out not to be true, so we'll see.

Tonight we are going to a function where we will meet and greet the counterparts, and then everyone will be entertained by dancing from various Guyanese populations, like the Indo-Guyanese and Croele traditions, etc. Tomorrow we will spend the first half of the day in a "Counterpart Conference," where we will be more formally hashing out the details of the next week, along with what the counterpart expects from us and what we expect from our assignment over the next two years. Then after noon most of us will scatter across the nation to our various sites to spend the entire week getting to know the neighborhood and the job location. We will most likely be living in short-term homestay situations, though some will be with their counterparts. A small handful of us trainees depart for their Site Visit on Sunday, but most of us leave tomorrow afternoon.

I'm sure that will be a great visit, and that I'll have a lot to write about when I return.

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