Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nicely Put

This quote is from the peacecorps2 yahoo! group. I thought it very succinctly captures the essence of the application process, from start to finish.

you wait (just like the web site says) to hear from a recruiter. you'll get a big batch of paperwork (assignment area sheets, FBI background check, fingerprint cards, etc). you'll have an interview. you'll be nominated. you'll wait some more. you'll get your medical and dental paperwork. you'll have a lot of drs appts and this will take a long time. you'll send it in breathlessly, and wait an even more ridiculously long time for medical and dental clearance. you'll undergo legal clearance, during which time property you own, child support you pay, credit cards and mortgages and student loans are all investigated. you'll be medically cleared. you'll be frustrated and excited and impatient at this point. then you'll receive an invitation. by this time half a year or a year on average will have passed.

Still no sign of my Welcome Packet and Packing List. I'll call them be the end of this coming week if I haven't received it.


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